Full structured live classes for your children from the comfort of your own home. Our online sessions consist of two full days of study for children, with excellently prepared classe taught in a virtual classroom.

Hours of Study

Our classes are in groups and affordable and work well for children’s study patterns. Our periods last no more than:

  • 40 minutes for children under 6
  • 60 minutes for children over 6
  • Breaks in between classes of 15-20 minutes and 30 minutes lunch breaks

We have two full days of classes and each day will consist of 5 hours of study. This will give children enough time to do work at home on the days off. This encourages independence and builds confidence in the child to self study as they get older. The timings will be from 10am until 4.30pm (BST/GMT Time).

Homework and Assessment

Students will be set half termly assessments, in order to track their progress of the topics covered during that period. Homework will also be set weekly for students to complete.


Great Value Affordable Lessons

Our lessons are priced at an affordable rate so we can benefit the most amount of people possible. There are varibale rates:

Tuition Fees

  • £48 for two full days (10 lessons)
  • £7.50 per session (single sessions or randomly selected)
  • £29 per day if taken one day at a time

A full week works out to just £4.50 per tutor session.

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