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Nurture your child’s creative side by enrolling them for an art lesson at the Tuition Club. Let them explore ways to draw, paint and build the things around them, and provide a new set of skills for self – expression to help build their confidence. We can currently offer them painting, drawing, skill co-ordination and creative thinking. Soon we will offer pottery and 3D art… all whilst letting them enjoy themselves and have fun!



In order for our students to receive the best support for Art, we only use the best resources that have been rated highly by teachers across the country. For key stages 1 and 2, we use the bestselling Scholastic 100 Art lessons series as a planning guide. We aim to give children the best tutoring possible, which may include elements of the national curriculum; as well as other skill building work and syllabus which are effective for children. As we have an active community of home schoolers we aim to facilitate their education using the most effective tools and resources found. We also implement activities into our lessons and hope to plan future trips, which will develop students artistic flair.


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5-7 (Architect)7-9 (Architect)9-13 (Exploring Islamic Art)
Building materialsBold colours and patternsRich colours
Architectural style and termsComic stripsDecorative patterns
Discover history of city/communityPrintingCalligraphy
Research and planningCreating art with food and commercial itemsGeometric shapes and designs
Indoor/outdoor stylesRepeating patternsSymmetry
Drawing homes and different styled buildingsImitating artist styles and techniquesGlass painting
Creating paper housesCanvas paintingsHenna
Building a cityPaper Mache Building patterns (mosques)
--Mosaic work

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