What is computing? Is it knowing just how to switch a computer on? Send an Email and browse the web? We believe computing can be that much more for our kids. Computing can be creative and fun! Imagine if they were able to actually build that computer that they switch on? Or perhaps program it, and install software properly. Instead of just surfing the web, how about design the actual webpages themselves. Our computing tuition is designed to instil that creative and exploratory mindset, to help our students turn it from a dull subject into a fun and rewarding past time and more!



Our frameworks for KS1, 2 and 3 follow the How to Code series of books by Max Wainewright, which introduces the basic concepts of coding and programming to young students. Students are able to gain invaluable skills from this series, which covers web design, Scratch, Logo and Python.

Within Book 1 students are taught how to use Scratch and Logo to draw on the screen, and keyboard control is introduced by the Scratch content. Other topics that are covered include giving the computer instructions and solving problems. Book 2 uses variables to keep score and conveys to students how to add sound effects, whilst also looking at loops in Scratch and Logo. The focus of book 3 is on making decisions on what a program should do, through the use of conditional statements (selection). Students are introduced to Python, which within its content includes randomisation, loops and graphics. Lastly, book 4 covers web design, in particular Javascript and HTML.

At the Tuition Club we aim to support home schooling parents in implementing the Two Year Key Stage 3 Project, which gives students the option to complete the three year syllabus over a two year period. However, the implementation of this two year scheme of work is dependant on a child’s ability.


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Topic5-7 (Year 1 & 2)7-9 (Year 3 & 4)
1Introduction on how to codeLoops
2Learning how to code using LOGOPatterns with loops
3LOGO shapesUsing SCRATCH
4Learning how to code using SCRATCHLoops forever
5Pen downUsing Repeat in SCRATCH
6Press a keyAdding sound
7Inputs and directionsVariables
8Sketching with inputsCounting Clicks


Topic9-11 (Year 5 & 6)11-13 (Year 7 & 8)
1IF commandsIntroduction to internet
2ELSE commandsHow to create web pages
3Starting PythonUsing HTML to create web pages
4How to code using PythonAdding Javascript to HTML
5Python questionsJavascript functions
6Python loopsSharing websites
7Random Python
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