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Frequently asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions for Online. Although you can find this information on our website we thought it handy to have this in one place.

What are the days of study?

The days of study will be Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Tuesday & Friday are full day’s – whereas Thursday is half a day.

How many hours of study per week?

There are 10 hours per week of study divided across Tuesday’s & Friday’s (full day) and Thursday (half a day). Class groups will be assigned a timetable, which will consist of breaks throughout the day. The timings will be from 10.00am until 4.45pm (BST/GMT Time).

How many hours of study for English and Maths?

The hours of study for English and Maths is 2 hours (1 lesson per day). Arabic classes are also 2 hours a week, whereas the rest are taught once a week.

Will they have any assignment to do, if yes how many assignments over the academic year and will they be graded?

Students will be set half termly assessments, in order to track their progress of the topics covered during that period. Homework will also be set weekly for students to complete. Assessments will be graded, and homework will also be marked. Results will be viewable via the Google Classroom portal. 

Do the subjects match the national curriculum?

We aim to give children the best tutoring possible, which include elements of the national curriculum; as well as other skill building work and syllabus which are effective for children. As we have an active community of home schoolers, we aim to facilitate their education using the most effective tools and resources found.

The flexibility afforded in home schooling means that some of our subjects may meet the national curriculum needs of other countries and therefore exceed the requirements of the UK curriculum.

Are the parents required to do extra study with their children to reach the academic year target?

This varies and depends on the students need. Parents are mentors and it is encouraged to help with homework and any topics that the child struggles with.

Are the lessons recorded so the child can go and access the lessons whenever they wish to review a lesson for example?

The lessons will not be recorded; however the tutor will upload whiteboard images and resources from lessons to Google Classroom, which will allow the student to review the lesson materials and content.

Further Information

Not in Manchester but still want support online? We offer private and group online classes too. See information below.

Looking for On site?

See our subjects and information below.


Here at the Tuition Club we teach our students more than just the basics of biology, physics and chemistry! We teach them skills that are important in every aspect of our lives, whether it is how to make observations, collecting information or using logical thinking to draw conclusions. Students are able to work in teams and participate in fun experiments and activities, such as baking cakes in order to understand the concept of irreversible reactions.


Maths is one of the most important subjects in a child’s development. Basic mathematics skills are needed in everyday life, and here at the Tuition Club we make sure that our students succeed in gaining those vital skills. We not only cover the National Curriculum, but we also integrate problem solving and mental maths activities into our lessons; enabling students to develop their skills whilst also having fun. Excellent knowledge of maths will open many avenues for children, so come and find out how we can support your child in this important subject!


Here at the Tuition Club our students will explore the past history of Britain, as well as the past history of the wider world. From learning about significant events such as the Great Fire of London, to learning about the Roman Empire, early Islamic civilization and much more; we want to inspire children to want to learn more about the past. Our aim is for students to develop their understanding of the world around them, as well as learn important historical concepts, abstract terms and gain an understanding of historical enquiry methods.


During our geography lessons, we aim to inspire within our students a fascination and interest in the world and its people. Students will develop an understanding of key human and physical processes, as their knowledge of the world grows throughout their studies. Not only will our students be taught in a classroom, but they will also have the opportunity to participate in some exciting fieldwork!


Here at the Tuition Club we understand the importance the subject of English has, in enabling children to communicate effectively through speaking and writing fluently. By covering the national curriculum our teachers aim to support our students in developing their language skills through creative writing, reading and speaking. The lessons are interactive, and many exciting activities are in the process of being planned such as a trip to the local library.


What is computing? Is it knowing just how to switch a computer on? Send an Email and browse the web? We believe computing can be that much more for our kids. Computing can be creative and fun! Imagine if they were able to actually build that computer that they switch on? Or perhaps program it, and install software properly. Instead of just surfing the web, how about design the actual webpages themselves. Our computing tuition is designed to instil that creative and exploratory mindset, to help our students turn it from a dull subject in to a fun and rewarding past time and more!


Arabic is a wonderful language, spoken by millions of people around the world. Our comprehensive program is designed to tutor the children and help them learn the language more fluently. We also aimt o take them up to GCSE level and beyond, so they can read, speak and write this beautiful and poetic language.


Nurture your child’s creative side by enrolling them for an art lesson at the Tuition Club. Let them explore ways to draw, paint and build the things around them. We currently can offer them painting, drawing, skill co-ordination and creative thinking. Soon we will offer pottery and 3D art… all whilst letting them enjoy themselves and have fun!


At The Tuition Club we provide our students with the opportunity to participate in Physical Education and we believe it to be essential to help with the development of motor skills and the enhancement of reflexes. The lessons will not only get the students fit and healthy but will be full of fun activities for them all to enjoy. We often take students to the British Wrestling Academy to make use of the space and equipment.

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