Here at the Tuition Club our students will explore the past history of Britain, as well as the past history of the wider world. From learning about significant events such as the Great Fire of London, to learning about the Roman Empire, early Islamic civilization and much more; we want to inspire children to want to learn more about the past. Our aim is for students to develop their understanding of the world around them, as well as learn important historical concepts, abstract terms and gain an understanding of historical enquiry methods.

Key Stage 1 & 2 Syllabus


In order for our students to receive the best support for History, we only use the best resources that have been rated highly by teachers across the country. For key stage 1 we focus on this subject from a literary and logical angle; incorporating reading and logical thinking to supplement the young child’s mind until they become more proficient in reading and numeracy. We use the popular Story of the World book series, as well as Evan Moor’s History Pockets Ancient Civilization series. In Key Stage 2 students move onto the History CGP book series, which provides students with in depth knowledge of the Stone Age to the Celts, the Romans in Britain, the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

We aim to give children the best tutoring possible, which includes elements of the national curriculum; as well as other skill building work and syllabus which are effective for children. As we have an active community of home schoolers we aim to facilitate their education using the most effective tools and resources found. We also implement activities into our lessons and hope to plan future trips to museums, which will develop students historical interests and increase their curiosity about the past.


Key Stage 3 Syllabus

For KS3 we follow the History by Aaron Wilkes series, which is the new third edition of the best-selling KS3 History course. The course covers the new national curriculum, and has a strong focus on skills building and assessment. The unqiue style of the author, will captivate our students interests on great historical events. Key history skills are incorporated throughout this course, and with our support students will understand how to use historical concepts to make connections.

At the Tuition Club we aim to support home schooling parents in implementing the Two Year Key Stage 3 Project, which gives students the option to complete the three year syllabus over a two year period. However, the implementation of this two year scheme of work is dependant on a child’s ability.


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Chapter Year 7 & 8Year 8 & 9
11066 and all thatHow did Britain change?
2The Norman ConquestFrom farming to factories
3CastlesHow was transport improved?
4How religious were people in the Middle Ages?An age of invention
5Life in the Middle AgesTerrible towns
6Who rules?The slave trade
7Health and medicineBritain vs. France
8Could you get justice in the Middle Ages?The British in India
9England at WarThe fight for rights
10Medieval Britain what changed?A changing nation
11Here come the TudorsWhat was Britain like by 1901?
12A world of discoveryA new century
13Life in Tudor timesThe Great War
14Britain abroadBetween the wars: Britain
15Queen EilzabethBetween the wars: abroad
16Exit the Tudors, enter the StuartsThe Second World War
17England at WarThe post-war world
18Cromwell's CommonwealthThe end of the British Empire
19The RestorationInto the modern world
20Who rules?Going global


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