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Handmade Cushion Covers ?✂️?

Excellent sewing skills developed by our students!

During Arts and Crafts, the children have been making some beautiful handmade cushions as part of their sewing project.

Using different techniques, the children have been taught various sewing skills such as embroidery stitches. A simple line of straight stitches with the needle going up through a hole, down through the next and continuing is known as the ‘Running Stitch’. The children have also been practicing the back stitch which basically is a running stitch with the gaps filled in. They have been learning how to demonstrate these skills and have produced some fantastic work.

The children were also taught how to sew an invisible zip into one seam so that they could see how the cushion became the same on both sides. Using felt fabric, the children made their desired patterns and shapes to sew onto their covers as well as using sequins and buttons to decorate them.

This term the children will move on to develop further skills in sewing and will be introduced to the various other techniques.

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