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Home Schooled Children Visit the Local Library with the Tuition Club

Students visit Abraham Moss library

This week Tuition club students visited Abraham Moss Library.

The children had an enjoyable experience looking at the range of learning resources within the library and were explained how using these can make a real difference to their learning and academic progress.

The visit included a guided tour of the library and how to access its resources. The librarian then gave a brief talk about joining the library by completing a membership form so that we can start borrowing books and access the resources and facilities within the library.

We were also informed that a range of visits could be arranged in the library, which could be tailored to our needs. These could include storytelling session, Topic or Research skills sessions, support for reading groups as well as other areas.

Tuition Club looks forward to arranging regular visits for all our students in the near future Inn Shaa Allah.

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