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Join us for an afternoon of celebration!

Alhamdulillaah we are coming to the end of our third academic year of The Tuition Club, in which a lot of progression has been made. We thank all our home schooling parents for their continued support.

In order to reward the achievements of our home-schooled students, we will be having an end of term ceremony at 12pm until 12:30pm Inn shaa Allaah.

Students who have achieved a 100% mark for their effort and behaviour in all subjects this term, will be given a certificate and all students will receive a small gift. Parents are encouraged to attend and celebrate their child’s success with us.

After the ceremony at 12:30pm we will be having a parent’s afternoon, in which parents will have the opportunity to speak to subject tutors regarding their child’s progress this term.

We look forward to seeing all parents at this exciting end of academic year ceremony Inn shaa Allaah.

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