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Embroidery Stitches

Teaching Embroidery to students

Students at the Tuition Club have been learning basic embroidery stitches. The children have been able to identify the different types of embroidery stitches as well as perform these stitches using basic step by step instructions. They began with the running stitch (up one hole, down the next) which they laid a running stitch foundation over every line in their design. They then moved on to cross stitch (up one then diagonally down one). Other embroidery stitches that were performed were the split stitch, which is good for making lines to create letters or picture outlines, the blanket stitch, and the chain stitch. Depending on the direction, or the angle of the needle, different variations can be sewn.

Forming embroidery stitches involves counting. It also involves anticipating where the stitch will finish before starting the row. The students have enjoyed creating patterns demonstrating each piece of work being different than the other. Using these techniques, the students will be developing their skills by designing some hand stitch embroidery patterns this term. They will then follow on to make some pencil case pouches. We look forward to seeing their creative designs.

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