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Learning Singular, dual and plural of nouns in Arabic!

Children have been learning Singular, dual and plural of nouns during their Arabic lessons.

Nouns in Literary Arabic have three grammatical cases (nominative, accusative, and genitive [also used when the noun is governed by a preposition); three numbers (singular, dual and plural); two genders (masculine and feminine); and three “states” (indefinite, definite, and construct).

Arabic nouns can either be singular( ﺍﻟﹿﻤﹹﻔﺮﹶﺩ), dual( ﺍﻟﻤﹹﺜﻨﳲﻲ), or plural( ﺍﹶﻟﺠﹷﻤﹿﻊﹸ).

The children have been completing various activities in relation to the above.

They have also been completing exercises matching the correct statements together.

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