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Factors that contribute to rusting in metals or leading them to corrode!

The aim of the experiment was to determine what are the factors that contribute to rusting in metals or leading them to corrode.

Rust is the crumbly, brown material which is caused by the chemical reaction or rather an oxidation process of iron and steel. Iron and steel rust in the presence of oxygen and water.

When a metal object such as nail, rusts the molecules of iron on the surface of the nail exchange atoms with the oxygen in the air and produce a new substance, the reddish-brown ferrous oxide (rust)

A simple science experiment tests the effects of different liquids on the rusting process, such as water, saline, oil, vinegar as well as others.

In this experiment, our home-schooled students will investigate the rusting process in various fluids each in separate test tube.

Tube 1: air and water.

Tube 2: air and saline

Tube 3: air

Tube 4: vinegar and air

All test tubes will be kept and stored at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Students will record their observations (and results) after 2 days, 1 week and 4 weeks.

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