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Archaeological Dig Simulation!

Our home-schooled children have been doing a mini dig after discussing and learning all about what History is and the work of Historians.

Archaeologists dig things like dishes and toys out of the ground.

They find out about the past from these things.

The children had fun participating in a simulation of an archaeological dig.

They used material such as small items from household, a plate/shoebox full of sand, small brushes, old tooth brush, tweezers and a small bag to place items in.

They got to assemble items to bury and tried to find out answers to questions such as:

What did these people eat?

What kind of transportation did they have?

What kind of houses did they live in?

What did they do for entertainment?

Did they read and write?

The children also got to list the artefacts and bury them in a sandbox.

They had fun taking part in a role play activity which involved them being an archaeologist digging up the ruins of an ancient civilization.



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