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Tuition Club Activities Week-16th/18th/19th December 2019

The last day of term will be Thursday 19th December 2019 InshaAllah.

The Tuition Club will then resume Monday 6th January 2020 at 09:50 am. 

All parents will receive a reminder of our opening date and times via email, and also please watch out for regular updates via our Facebook and twitter accounts (@tuitionclub) or join our telegram channel (

Alhamdulillaah we are coming to the end of another successful full term here at The Tuition Club, in which a lot of progression has been made.

To celebrate the end of term we have decided to have an activities week during the last week of term.

We will be organising a few educational trips throughout the week, commencing Monday 16th DecemberWednesday 18th December 2019.

We believe that the trip is well deserved by all students and we sincerely hope that all students will be able to attend.

Also, in order to reward our home-schooled students for their hard work and efforts this term, we will be holding a ceremony on the last day Thursday 19th December from 2:00pm – 15:05.

We hope to see all parents come and join us in congratulating the students.

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