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Students Enjoy Activities Week- Baking, Cold-Cooking, Sewing, Stem challenges and much more!

On Wednesday the children had the opportunity to take part in various activities.

Some included Baking, Cold Cooking, Stem challenges as well as a trip to the local Transport Museum.

The children were extremely excited and through these activities they got to build basic skills, boost confidence, develop spatial perception and planning skills, learn mathematical concepts and much more.

The stem challenges such as the stem jellybean structures allowed the children the opportunity to encourage experimentation, share ideas, encourage teamwork, show creativity as well as develop many other skills.

Children got to make some fabulous creations which involved talking about 2D,3D shapes, flat surfaces, vertices and then they moved on to make stronger towers.

The Spaghetti bridge challenge looked at creating a bridge made from spaghetti which was strong enough to hold a bag of sugar.

The children got to explore various challenges some looking at The James Dyson Foundation which encourages inquisitive young minds to get excited about engineering.

Cold -Cooking involved making some desserts and snacks which the children thoroughly enjoyed.

The children also took part in a sewing session making some incredible fabric pencil cases, messenger shoulder bags and zip pouches.

A fantastic fun-packed day was had by all and it was a lovely way to end the term.

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