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Abstract and Still Life Painting Using Acrylic Paints in Art!

Our Home-schooled children have been getting creative at the Tuition club! Our children,  Ages 7- 11 have been taught how to use different mediums to the best effect. Sketching and working with different mediums they have been guided and taught by our wonderful and encouraging tutors.
The session started off with looking at The ColourWheel; Color wheels show us how colors are related.  They remind artists how to mix and think about colors. Primary colors cannot be made from other colors, Artists create all the other colors of the rainbow by mixing together the primary colors. Secondary colors are made by mixing two primary colors.  Each secondary color is made from the two primary colors closest to it on the color wheel. Children then went on to mix their own colours and recreated a piece of still life art work that inspired them. For those who have some art skills under their belts built on what they already know and are encouraged to move forward to the next steps in their creative journey.

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