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We have been Working at Greater Depth!

Our home- schooled children ages 6-7 have been working at greater depth in their reading and writing!.Working at greater depth means a child is not only on their way to master the expected stage for their age, but able to delve into it in more detail. In English, working at greater depth might look like using different sentence types and lengths, being aware of how their audience affects their tone and style, or writing with a ‘reader’s eye’, re-reading and editing their own work to ensure it’s enjoyable to read.

Children who are working at greater depth can:

  • Write effectively and coherently for different purposes, drawing on their reading to inform their vocabulary and grammar.
  • Use the punctuation taught mostly correct.
  • Spell most common words
  • Use suffixes mostly correctly in their writing (e.g. -ment, -ness, -ful, -less, -ly).
  • Join some letters in their handwriting.

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