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COVID-19 and Tuition Club onsite closure

COVID-19 and Tuition Club onsite closure

Currently Tuition Club takes place on site – but in line with the latest developments and government guidance, it may become difficult to sustain classes on site. However, in order for our children not to miss out or fall behind, then we are already making preparations for all our children to learn in our Virtual Classrooms online temporarily from Monday 23rd March 2020. As mentioned previously we do not wish our children to miss out on their tuition and work, nor fall behind the standards set at the centre. By the grace of Allah, we have over 3 years of experience teaching online; and have tailored resources that work in tandem with the resource on site. For the past 18 months we have held online classes for groups of children from all around the country and world and many of our onsite staff already teach in our virtual classrooms.

We will begin adding children over the next few days into our online classrooms via Skype – a video communications program everyone is familiar with, but which is a powerful tool allowing us to deliver a great experience to the class. Please note you may receive calls from our admin staff during this process.

We will be forwarding technical information, how to setup and take part in the classes. The children will also receive their full week’s timetables moving forward inshaaAllah.

If you have not already joined, then you should subscribe to one of our social media channels – Telegram, Twitter or by email on our Website.

May Allah keep us all well and safe; and upon Him is our reliance and final return.

Kind regards

The Tuition Club

Links: Government Guidance for Educational Settings

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