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Can you stomach this?

Class 9-10 have been on a digestion journey this week during their science lesson! Over the past several weeks, the students have learned about the human digestion process from saliva breaking down your food to it passing through the stomach to the small and large intestines. For this weeks science experiment, the children were able to see the process of what stomach acid does to food. During digestion, food passes through the stomach, where it mixes digestive juices and is churned by muscles forming the stomach wall. The students provided the muscles and the soft drink for the stomach acid. The children placed a soft drink, bread and chewed gum in a food storage bag. They squeezed the bag with their hands for about a minute. The children were able to record thier observations and wrote down what they discovered. What happened to the bread? what happened to the gum? By the end of the session, the children were able to write up and explain why the gum and bread reacted in the way that it did using the correct scientific vocabulary in their workbooks!



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