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How to hook your reader!

Our home-schooled students aged 12-13 have been learning about types of questions when writing. During their English lessons, they have learnt about open, closed, leading and rhetorical questions. Rhetorical questions can be used to create drama. Rhetorical questions are used for dramatic effect or to make a point because these questions are ones that have obvious and clear answers. The person asking a rhetorical question is not looking for the listener to respond because they clearly would know the obvious answer to the question being asked.

Some common rhetorical questions;

-Do birds fly?
-Are you kidding me?
-Who knew?
-Are you crazy?

Rhetorical questions can be used at the beginning of a professional speech to get the audience thinking. In these speeches, the speaker does not expect the audience to respond. These opening rhetorical questions can try to make the audience feel a specific emotion, think about a particular question, or stress a point.

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