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Arabic Number Wheel

Some of our private online students have been creating a visual number wheel to help with Arabic number recognition.

Using materials such as card, paper plates, scissors, popsicle sticks, butterfly clips, crayons to decorate, etc they were able to make these resources to help aid them in their Arabic learning.

Using a step-by-step guide the children first cut out a circle using the card and then divided the circle into ten equal wedges with a ruler and pen.

They then were asked to draw and colour each Arabic number on each of the parts/wedge of the circle.

To make the dial, they first cut off the end of a popsicle stick with the scissors to get the right length and then made a hole in one end.

They were then asked to make a small hole in the center of the card wheel.

Once this was completed, they then attached the popsicle stick dial to the wheel with a butterfly fastener through both holes.

These number spinners are perfect for learning the Arabic numbers and can be a fantastic Maths game for the students.

To challenge students further they can also use the number spinners to help practise their addition and subtraction skills in Arabic.

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