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The Tuition Club Bake Off

We are excited to announce that The Tuition Club will be hosting a Bake Off on Thursday 11th February in shaa Allaah, in which students and teachers have the opportunity to enter a cupcake competition.

Student Competition Rules

  • Students must participate in the making of the cupcakes.
  • The cupcakes must be in a batch of six and they must all look the same.
  • Cupcakes are to be made at home and must be handed to the management team by 9.30am on Thursday 11th February, and will then be judged throughout the day.
  • Most importantly have fun!

Cupcakes will be judged on taste and appearance. The winners and runners up will be announced at 2.30pm, in which prizes will be handed out and students, parents and teachers will be able to enjoy the cupcakes on offer. We look forward to hosting the Tuition Club Bake Off, and hope that all students, teachers and parents enjoy this exciting end of half term event.

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