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Butterfly Garden & Mini Flower Garden!

It has been an exciting few weeks here at the Tuition Club. Our Science students have been taking part in a butterfly garden activity, as well as planting flower boxes.

The Butterfly Garden school kit enables students to raise their own painted lady butterfly, and witness the wonders of the butterfly life cycle. After the arrival of 33 caterpillars at the Tuition Club, students helped to place the caterpillars into vials and divided the nutrients equally between them. Over the next few weeks students will continue to witness and study the fascinating change, and will release the butterflies once the transformation is complete in shaa Allaah.

Students have also been busy planting GroBoxes. The GroBoxes contain compost, a variety of seeds such as California Poppy Jelly Beans, Cornflower Midget Blue, Nasturtium Tip Top Velvet, and Sunflower Choco Sun. The box is also biodegradable, which means that the cardboard will disappear naturally over time once it is planted in the ground.

Our students will continue to have fun watching the caterpillars, and flowers grow over the coming weeks in shaa Allaah.

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