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Student Guest Post!

We are students of the tuition club. Our names are Hannah, Mahira and Jaiyana. Hannah and Mahira are in year 6 and Jaiyana is in year 5.

Hannah: Hello my name is Hannah. I go to the tuition club. I have been here for about 7 months. I like the tuition club because we have lots of trips and activities such as: The bake off  (I WON!!!) , Barbecue, Chester zoo and we went to River Medlock. bye!!!!!

Mahira: Hiya!! my name is Mahira . I love tuition club because, we do subjects that are fun, including art (Miss Bano teaches us and she’s the best) I have got good friends, together we love making posters and put it on our board. bye!!

Jaiyana : Hey i’m Jaiyana, my favorite subject is art, so far we have made: canvases, mosaic, paintings,lanterns and much more. My best friend Shireen has left but I have good friends to help me and I love making posters to put on our display board.

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