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Our Trampolining Sessions!

Over the past half term, some of our home schooled students have been going trampolining every Thursday maa shaa Allah as part of our extracurricular activities. The students who attended from Year 3 have written their account of their experience:

Aisha Amjad

I love trampolining we do seat drops, pike and straddle.


Maryam Azeem

We all took turns on the trampoline during our classes. Ruby went first, then it was me, then Fatima and we laughed and had so much fun. Then it was Aisha’s turn last and she was amazing at doing trampolining.


Ruby Akthar

When we went trampolining. I did seat drops it was very fun, then it was Maryam’s turn, then we did the straddle jump. I loved it, they said I did well and then we taught our partners it was very fun and amazing. It was amazing and the seat drop was amazing, then we got to choose a jump, I picked the pike jump.


Nusaybah Ali

I love trampolining, it is fantastic, we do different things every time. We do straddle where you spread your legs and touch your toes, and we do pike jumps where you put your legs together and reach forwards. The hardest jump we had to do was the flapback, where you jump once and land on your back. Then after you jump, for a while, we got to practice the moves we learnt.


Fatima Alabbadi

I went to trampolining, it was so good. And we learnt the seat jump, it was a bit hard, but it was nice. Lots of my friends came and we really enjoyed it.

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