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Scientific Fun!

Our home schooled students have had lots of scientific fun this autumn term maa shaa Allaah! From bug collected amongst the autumn leaves to learning about animals and their habitats.

Students have been learning about various topics this term, such as the importance of dental hygiene and how to brush their teeth. A fantastic poster was produced by class 6-7 showing how much sugar is in certain foods and the dangers of consuming too much sugar.

Students have also been investigated how porous different materials are and have separated mixtures, as well as took part in a salt melting experiment to see how salt melts ice faster.

Some classes have also been taking part in wonderful nature activities such as learning about the butterfly life cycle through making butterfly crafts, bug collecting, bulb planting and have flower pressed lilies to show the different parts of a flower such as the stigma,stamen, pollen and petals.

Students participated in cress seed planting and investigated what plants need to grow, by putting seeds in different environments.

Fantastic posters were also produced to show how animals are suited to live in their environment.

Our KS3 home schooled students also took part in a sheep heart dissection, in order to study the anatomy of a sheep’s heart and learnt about how our own hearts pump blood through our bodies and keeps us alive!

It truly has been a wonderful Autumn term, full of exciting and beneficial activities in the subject of science. We thank the science tutors for their efforts and our home schooled students for their hard work and participation.


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