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Sugar Rush Sale This Friday!

Tasty cakes and biscuits made by our home schooled students for sale this Friday!

Our home schooled students in class 12-14 have been having great fun participating in the Tuition Club Young Entrepreneur programme, and this Friday the general public have the opportunity to taste some of their fantastic sweet treats.

The students will have a variety of cakes and biscuits for sale, including shortbread biscuits they learnt how to make at our Sunday Youth Club ma shaa Allaah.

The sale will take place outside of the Salafi Centre of Manchester this Friday 5th May after Jumu’ah in shaa Allaah. Come along and support our home schooled students in their business venture.

Maryam (Class 12-14): “Every batch from scratch, Sugar Rush! You may have already sampled some of our sweet treats at the tuition club ceremony or the women’s event. If you want some more home made bakes come to jumu’ah this Friday. Please contact the tuition club if you want to pre- order some cakes.”


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