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Fun Science Experiments!

Maa shaa Allaah our home schooled students have been busy experimenting in their science classes!

Students from both the women’s and men’s side of the tuition club have been learning all about the pH scale by performing various experiments.

Students tested the pH of a variety of solutions using universal indicator. By taking part in this experiment, students were able to understand the advantages of using universal indicator and are confident in using the pH scale and making careful observations. Students even made their own cabbage juice indicator and beetroot indicator paper!

Various brands of water were tested by class 10-12 by adding a few drops of pH reagent liquid. They then compared the colours with the pH colour scale to determine whether they were acid or alkaline.

Students also had fun taking part in a volcano experiment, in which they sculpted a volcano from play-doh and added ingredients to form molten lava. Students had great fun watching their volcano model erupt.


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