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End of Academic Year Trip Tomorrow!

Bowling, Football & Pizza!

Alhamdulillah we are in our final term of our second academic year here at The Tuition Club.  We are all thankful to Allah for making it a success and we pray that we continue to grow and improve for many years to come in shaa Allaah.

To celebrate the end of the academic year we have an exciting bowling trip for the sisters side and a football trip for the brothers side tomorrow Wednesday 19th July 2017. We believe that these trips are well deserved by all of our home schooling students and we hope that it will be an enjoyable day for all.

Sisters Trip

Students on the sisters side will be taking a trip to Superbowl UK Macclesfield. They should arrive by 9am so that we can assign groups and inform them of the arrangements made for the day inshaa Allaah.  We will be leaving by coach at 9:45am and will arrive back by 3:30pm. A hot lunch will be provided for all students.

Students will be split into groups and tutors will be assigned to each group. All students will receive a wristband with the contact details of the management team, who will be on hand throughout the day.

Brothers Trip

Students on the brothers side will be visiting the ETIHAD in Manchester for a 5 a side football game. Students should arrive by 10am and will arrive back at masjid in the afternoon for pizza. Children can be collected at 3pm at the end of the day.


We hope that all students, tutors and home schooling parents that are attending have an enjoyable visit to SuperBowl or the ETIHAD stadium in shaa Allaah. Should you have any further enquiries regarding the trip, please feel free to contact a member of the management team.



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