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Pizza Express Workshop!

Wonderful Pizza making session!

On Tuesday 3rd October, some of our home schooled pupils and their tutors visited The Manchester Corn Exchange Pizza Express restaurant to learn about food and enjoy a unique cooking experience.

The children got to learn about cooking and good food while having lots of fun along the way. The morning consisted of meeting the restaurant manager and staff as well as the pizzaiolo (pizza chef) who showed the pupils how to make the famous, Italian classic: the Margherita. 

Pupils and tutors got the chance to knead the dough, making it lovely and smooth to create the perfect base. They were then given a talk to discover just how important the fresh ingredients are to the pizza’s flavour. They then prepared the pizza with the toppings of the famous passata (tomato) sauce, mozzarella and basil.

The children also had fun taking part in the Ingredients Quiz. They got to taste and learn about different ingredients, and then answer questions about each one.

At the end of the session the pupils all got to take home their delicious pizzas along with their Junior Pizzaiolo Certificate. They all did a fantastic job becoming little pizza chefs.

Alhamdullilah it was enjoyable morning for all and we would like to thank all those that made this a pleasant visit.


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