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Sandwich Bot, Bee-Bot and Cubetto

Our home schooled students have been making great progress in their computing lessons this term!

Students have been introduced to computational thinking, by programming ‘Sandwich Bot’ through the use of algorithms (which are a set of instruction to get something done). Students have also been introduced to the idea of debugging, by identifying problems in their butter sandwich algorithm. 

This term has also seen the introduction of some fantastic resources such as the Bee-Bot, which is an award winning programmable floor robot. It is a  perfect tool for teaching our students about sequencing, estimation, problem-solving, directional language and programming. They have been having great fun with the Bee-Bot this term, and have participated in programming activities such as using a sequence of commands to draw numbers with the bot.

Another fantastic resource that we have recently introduced is the Primo Cubetto playset. Cubetto turns coding into a tangible, age-appropriate experience that reduces screen-time, increases engagement, and enhances learning. Coding without the screen will allow children to build and not only consume technology.

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