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Fun packed Creative Writing Workshop held for our home-schooled students!

Our home-schooled students took part in various workshops this week. Workshops such as Internet/ E-Safety, Road Safety and Creative Writing workshops were introduced.

Excellent Creative Writing Workshop for our students!

Yesterday, Tuition Club had the privilege of having a local writer visit the students to conduct a series of workshops for the students throughout the day.

Sessions started off with simple icebreakers that helped stimulate the imagination of the children. Pupils got to explore different techniques of writing such as Haiku’s (Japanese short poems) and stories centred around identity and empowerment.

Students also got an opportunity to share experiences, use picture cards to generate conversations as well as work in groups and pairs to create stories focusing on character, plot, setting and event.

Throughout the day children developed some excellent pieces of work that demonstrated the areas mentioned above.

We intend for students to take what they have learnt and further develop their writing skills within their work.

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