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Educational Afternoon at Recycle for Greater Manchester Waste Centre!

Last week our home schooled children had a wonderful trip to the Recycle for Greater Manchester Education Centre, as part of our science programme for this term.

The programme of learning activities began with the children exploring the interactive exhibition area and was then followed by an introduction by the Education Officer, which focused on learning about the various coloured bins and the waste that goes in them. The children then participated in an interactive discussion, showing how the items in the mixed recycling bin are matched with an item of science equipment that can be use to separate them (e.g. Magnet separates the steel cans).

After the educational activities, staff and children then enjoyed a site tour of the recycle centre alongside the Education Officer. The trip concluded with an activity to test the children’s understanding of what they had learnt during the afternoon, by being asked to take part in a card sorting activity to place items into the correct bins/ facility for recycling or disposal.

A great trip was had by all that attended and our home schooled children are now much more aware about the importance of recycling and the disposing of waste correctly. We would like to thank Recycle for Greater Manchester and the fantastic Education Officer that provided us with a fun and educational afternoon.


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