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HIIT Training Workout During Sports!

This week the children started with a mile run in under 12 minutes aiming to push themselves and time their score from last week.

After a small water break the girls partook in a HITT exercise (high intensity interval training) designed to fluctuate heart rate.

HIIT exercises are designed to boosts children’s brain power.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), is a brief, quick-paced form of exercise.

This has been found to help children perform better on tasks involving the working memory and cognitive control.

Netball team passing drill

The children have been focusing on basic skills of netball through regular and consistent training over the last few weeks.

There are netball drills for every aspect of the game, from shooting to conditioning, to help develop those skills.

To help players learn the different positions on the court they have been looking at techniques in changing speed and direction.

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