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Wonderful Trip to Kenyon Hall Farm!

Our garden club attendees had a wonderful trip to Kenyon Hall Farm on Tuesday.

The children attended an educational farm tour, in which they learnt about the different fruit and vegetables grown on the farm. This gave an in-depth insight into food production, nutrition and healthy eating.

This was then followed by a ‘Pick Your Own Fruit/Vegetable’ activity, which added a hands-on learning experience to the trip. The attendees had a lot of fun picking garden peas and were very excited to take them home to show their parents.

It was a wonderful day and we would like to thank our excellent guide Kathryn for hosting us at the farm.

The trip was our last session of garden club for this term, we look forward to resuming in September in shaa Allaah. Keep an eye on our website and social media for updates throughout the Summer!



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