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Excellent Progress Made in Tuition Club Online Classes!

In September we introduced our brand new online classes, following on from the success of our onsite Tuition Club in Manchester. Alhamdulilah we have now expanded our service to cater for home-schooled children from around the World. We are dedicated to supporting home-schooling parents and hope that we can now fulfil our ethos with parents in other cities and countries. The subjects that we provide support in are English, Maths, Arabic, Science, Islamic Studies, History and Geography.

Since commencing, our online home schooled children have been making fantastic progress. They have been learning about Ancient Egypt in History, the process of heredity in Science, importance of the masjid in Islam and much more. Alhamdulilah it has been a great start to the new online academic year, with children from different cities/countries learning and progressing together.

Our Online group classes are made interactive, in order to engage students and allow them to gain the most benefit from their time studying with us. Like when teaching in a classroom, it is vital to gain the students interest through the use of visual aids and activities. With online this is achieved in slightly different ways; however, the goal of making the class engaging is the same.

Each child receives homework and tutor support after lessons, through our homework management system. Parents also receive their own login for our tutor management platform, where they can view their child’s study timetable, vacation dates and more.

It’s not too late to join us in our online learning journey, sign-up today at


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