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We have Made Wind Turbines!

Alternative energy sources are a big deal these days. One such source is the wind. Our Homeschooled children having been finding out how wind turbine can use the power of the wind to generate energy for their science project. The students aged 10-11, designed various turbines using diffrent blades to find out which produces the most energy, and put the wind to work!

What is it about the shape of a rotor on a wind turbine that makes it spin easily in the wind? Our students went on to investigate the efficiency of the rotors of a turbine by making a small turbine model and several rotors, varying their shapes and curvatures.  The wind turbine models were made using everyday househols items and with the help of a hair worked!  The spinning rotor represented the energy output of a wind turbine. They measured the output of each rotor design by how much weight it can haul—the rotor that hauls the most weight is the most efficient design.


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