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Telling The Time in Arabic!

This week Year 6 have enjoyed learning how to tell and read the time in arabic. During the arabic lesson they have been learning:

How to ask for time in Arabic:

1- “kami as-sā’ah?”       كم الساعة؟ (What time is it?) or

2- “kami as-sā’ah al-ān?”       كم الساعة الأن؟ (What time is it now?).

How to read and tell the different forms of time (e.g):

Quarter past      والربع

Twenty past      والثلث
Half past –       والنص

Which phrases to use when telling someone the time:

1– innaha … –       إنها …

2– innaha as-sā’ah … –       إنها الساعة …
3– as-sā’atu tushiru ila … –

Take a look below for some examples of their outstanding learning at home. Well done Year 6, Keep it up!






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